He Lost 300 Pounds And Had Pounds Of Excessive Skin. Finally Has Surgery And Looks So Different

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In the world of weight problems, this guy was definitely the king.

A man who was able to shed over 300lbs after getting incredibly fat has also removed 13lbs of his loose skin.

At a point in his life, 27 year old John from San Diego was obese. He wore 8XL shirts and at a fish market, they needed to weigh him with a commercial scale because his weight was too much for standard scales to handle.


However he joined a fitness program and dropped to 230lbs. The only problem was that after this procedure, he had a lot of excess skin to deal with.

He said, “I feel that it is a blessing to be able to just move freely. I think that a lot of people tend to take a lot of things for granted”.

After returning to the gym for the first time since his surgery, he has now shared his journey and how he battled a relationship with food.

“Obesity is one thing, but morbid obesity is a whole different level,” he said “I remember one time when I went to the doctor and they weren’t able to weigh me. So they found a fish market close to where I live and I had to be weighed at the back with a commercial scale. I remember that there were people there and we had to explain why were there, but I can’t really remember any of those interactions.

I guess I just blocked them all out”.

It took a long time for John to break free of his dangerous food habits, and he credits his engagement to his high school sweetheart, Calia, for being able to commit to his transformation.

He said, “Looking back at how I used to eat, I know that my parents’ divorce brought about a lot of bad situations, and her solution was always to take us to a supermarket to get cake for dessert”.

Within a year of his father’s sickness, John went from 380lbs to 500lbs. This was what put him in the “morbidly obese’ category.

He said, “I stopped going for classes. Instead of college, I’d go to a fast food place, put on the radio and just drive around aimlessly. In that time, I‘d eat three to four meals worth of fast food”.

“For 15 years, it was impossible for me to fly”.


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