He Tried A New Dish For Dinner. In the Morning He Woke Up And His Hand Looked Like This

Millions of people try a new food every day. One of the dishes that many people still haven’t tried is sushi. The fish-filled phenomenon has been rolling across the world for years, and only over the last 10 or 15 years have Americans really developed a taste for it. Across the pond, the Japanese have been eating the stuff en masse for about as long as is has existed, because they were the ones to invent it.

One South Korean man showed that it’s not only the Japanese and the Americans that enjoy this soy-sauced delight. This elderly man’s sushi addiction led him down a dark path, all starting with a recent bacterial infection.

Sushi has a few primary components. The most important part is the fish – specifically, raw fish. The fish part of sushi is never cooked, so anyone consuming it is knowingly eating raw meat.


If you ever had a half decent health teacher, then you know exactly why eating tons of raw meat can be dangerous. Sure, perhaps the first hundred times you are all safe and sound. But all it takes is one piece of contaminated meat for your raw feeding frenzy to turn into a nightmare.

That 101st time turned into a terrifying ordeal for this one South Korean man, except he had eaten sushi thousands and thousands of times over the years. He never got sick, not even once – but one day some blisters and bruises began to appear on his arm.

Just 12 hours after he consumed some contaminated sushi, his hand began to leak and swell. He rushed to the doctor, obviously understanding at that point that something was horribly wrong. Even in his wildest nightmares, he couldn’t have imagined what came next.

Medics rushed to treat his injuries while doctors shouted questions at him. They were trying to figure out exactly what caused this horrific swollen bruise on his arm. Once he told them about the sushi, they knew exactly what was wrong.

They drained all of the blisters on his arm and carefully pulled away as much of the infected tissue as they could. Despite their best efforts, a bitter truth quickly made itself evident. This anonymous man was going to lose his hand, all because of some poorly prepared sushi.

To add insult to injury, this poor guy was also suffering from type 2 diabetes, late-stage kidney disease, and high blood pressure. At 71, he’s lived a long life. But no one wants to see someone suffer like this at such an advanced age – it’s just cruel.

He finally underwent the life-saving surgery almost a month after he ate that fateful last piece of contaminated sushi. Now he has to figure out how to live without a left arm and forearm, and there isn’t anybody he can really blame.

With the popularity of sushi still on the rise, new shops are popping up every single day. Remember stories like this and make sure that you check the health and safety of any restaurant you choose to patronize.

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