Here’s Your Chance to Stay in a CargoHome Container House in Texas

CargoHome is a tiny house company which specializes in container houses. Their homes are pretty cool, but on their website, you can only view graphical conceptions, not photos. So I was excited to see a fully finished CargoHome is available to rent through AirBnB, specifically the model called “The Helm.”

The house is located near Waco, Texas. Looking at the exterior, you can appreciate immediately why this tiny house is known as “The Helm.” Standing on the deck, you would feel like you were at the helm of a boat—perhaps a tiny houseboat. I am a big fan of this two-story design, because it provides so much extra outdoor living space and a fine view of your surroundings.


Even though it’s a tiny house, it is pretty spacious! In fact, six people can sleep in the house with plenty of room to spread out.

As is in vogue right now, the walls are painted white, as is the ceiling, which makes for a neat, simple look, and also draws attention to the hardwood floor, showing it off. The décor on the shelves adds color, as does some greenery.

The polished countertop in the kitchen is beautiful! With a two-basin sink, it looks like it would be fast and easy to wash the dishes after you eat.

The table is small, only really ideal for one or two people, but it also is beautifully polished.

The main seating is in the living room section of the house. Here, there is a large, comfortable sofa on which to relax.

The downstairs bedroom is small, but looks comfortable. Bedside lights to either side let vacationers enjoy a good book before drifting off to slumber.

A tiny house doesn’t have to mean a tiny shower, as this image proves.

In fact, the bathroom is pretty roomy all around.

I had mentioned before that there was a second bedroom, this one located upstairs. It is by far the larger of the two, offering spacious accommodations with beautiful views through the windows.

There are convenient storage cubbies right behind the bed.

A sliding barn door leads to the bathroom in the back.

Now for what I feel is the coolest feature of the house! There is a set of double glass doors leading straight out onto the deck from the bedroom. That means you have a relatively unobstructed view outside from the bed. You can also head out to enjoy the fresh air anytime you want.

Up on the deck, there are chairs where you can sit and enjoy the scenery and admire the beauty of the tiny house itself.

A spiral staircase leads from the deck to the ground. This provides access for anyone not staying in the master bedroom.

There is also a patio at the foot of the staircase. More seating is located down below.

A nighttime shot of the house shows off its unique structure and warm, inviting glow.

If you found this CargoHome as stunning as I did, you will want to check it out on AirBnB. You can make a reservation there to stay for just $128 per night as of the time of this writing. While you are at it, you can learn more about The Helm at the CargoHome website. If you dream of owning your own, contact them and they can make it happen!