Hidden Microphones Reveal What Was Really Said At The Royal Wedding, Here’s What You Didn’t Hear

It was only a matter of time before the Royal Wedding would be spoofed, twisted and turned into a humorous source of internet hilarity. Bad Lip Reading, a YouTube account with a huge following thanks to their hilarious audio dubs of music videos and popular culture videos have done it again!

Bad Lip Reading is notorious for spoofing some of the biggest moments in news, music and television. So naturally, the Royal Wedding would be on their hit list. They uploaded their masterpiece two days ago to their YouTube account and already, the video has been watched over 4.5 million times and is #1 on the YouTube Trending list!

If you’re unfamiliar with the work of BLR, they basically take footage from popular events or movie clips and dub over with alternative text that it looks like the subjects are saying. As if by magic, the YouTubers can create some pretty hilarious alternative speeches that look almost real.

Bad Lip Reading has targeted the Royal Wedding


Newlyweds Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) were the targets of this hilarious video. But they’re not the only ones. Prince William, the American pastor Michael Curry and even the choir were also the subjects of humour.

If only the real Royal Wedding had conversations like this, who knows? Maybe this is what they all actually talk about behind closed doors.

I must say, with Harry and Meghan’s wedding only taking place less than a week ago, the Bad Lip Reading team have produced this masterpiece in record time!