I Brought These 2-Ingredient Wings To A Party, And They Were Gone In Minutes

If you’re a fanatic for chicken wings, this recipe could change the way you approach them for the rest of your life. Not only do they require only two main ingredients besides the chicken themselves, you probably already have the ingredients in your home – especially if you’re a football fan. These wings, come from a recipe published on the Cooking with May Lynn YouTube channel, not only look delicious, they offer a sweet and salty flavor that you’re going to absolutely love – and so will your guests.

So what are the main ingredients? Coca Cola and soy sauce. Yes. The main ingredient in these delicious chicken wings is America’s favorite soda. Although it might sound strange at first, it’s not as bad as you’d think given that the main ingredient in Coke is sugar. When you pour the can of Coke into the frying chicken most of the liquid will cook off, and you’ll be left with a delicious, flavorful caramelization on the chicken. The soy sauce adds even more flavor and color.

You’ll need half a can of Coca Cola, some soy sauce and salt to taste.


First lightly cover the chicken wings in soy sauce. Let them sit for 15 minutes. Then fry for five minutes. Flip and let fry some more. Then pour the half can of Coke in and let it boil off.

The YouTube video recipe has gotten nearly five million views at the time of this writing. And hundreds of comments have been shared that show just how popular this twist on traditional wings is.

May Lynn wrote the following description about the recipe on the YouTube video: “Coca-Cola is a good ingredient to cook with when you are making a meal with chicken wings. With a combination of soy sauce and this soft drink, you can turn your chicken wings into a savory salty-and-sweet treat. This is, like most of my other videos, extremely easy to cook and delicious. Enjoy!”

Some of the most popular comments on the video include the following:

“People can try this dish at home. Trust me, it is delicious.”

“I made this tonight, and everyone loved it. Thanks!”

“I think this dish looks delicious. And it’s easy to cook. Perfect for busy people out there.”

“It’s so easy that I successfully made it on my first attempt, and it tastes so good too!”

Although many people loved the idea of using Coca Cola as one of the two main ingredients, other at-home chefs suggested some alternatives.

“Or how about you just add brown sugar and save the coke for the drink with the wings? Same color, same taste. The main ingredient in coke is sugar anyway. And please, stop saying ‘I guess’ after every other instruction. If you second guess yourself, I’m not going to take your advice.”

“I add soy sauce, ketchup, and brown sugar to mine. It tastes sweet and salty too. You should try it with brown sugar next time. I suppose it would have the same flavor since according to some study coke doesn’t actually have a distinct flavor. Plus sugar is healthier because of no random preservatives.”

What do you think about these Coca Cola chicken wings?