If You Find One Of These Bizarre Egg Sacks In Your Back Yard, Try Not To Panic

Ever found something as bizarre as this? Despite looking like an egg sack, it is actually a type of mushroom called the Clathrus archeri, it also more commonly known as the Devil’s Fingers or the Octopus Stinkhorn.

It can only be found in New Zealand, Tasmania and Australia.

This particular mushroom has a special trait compared to other mushroom species. Check out the photos below!


Look at this photo below, it does not look like a typical mushroom at all.

This mushroom has distinctive red “leaves”, a unique trait.

Instead of growing from the soil, this mushroom grows from its casing exterior.

When the mushroom is in its gelatinous stage, the fruit-like body will slowly grow out of the casing.

However, it can only be edible during this stage.

Once it fully sprouts, it will omit a pungent odour to attract flies, which are responsible to spread their spores.

Check out this video: