Leader Of Child Porn Ring Beaten To Death In Prison

A man who recently began serving a 40 year prison sentence for leading a child porn ring was beaten to death by other inmates at Milan Detention Center in Michigan. Authorities said that there were seven other inmates involved in the altercation, which left Christian Maire with fatal injuries. Three of the other inmates were treated for serious injuries and two prison guards suffered minor injuries. One of the combatants reportedly had a homemade knife.

Maire was sentenced to 40 years behind bars for leading a group of seven other men who would pose as teenage boys and lure young girls into video chat rooms where they would be coerced into stripping naked. Officials said that the men victimized hundreds of girls, some as young as ten-years-old, before they were busted.

After Maire was sentenced, one of his victims said that she expected he would get beaten while behind bars.


“That’s basically life,” the 20-year-old victim told The Detroit Free Press. “And he’s gonna get the hell beat out of him.”

Federal officials are treating Maire’s death as a homicide.

Photo: Oakland County Sheriff’s Office