Man Buries These Potatoes All Over His Yard And Ends Up With Something Beautiful

Roses are beautiful flowers, they smell pleasant and their petals are edible. Roses are expensive when they are purchases at a florist and can be a hassle to grow. Fret not, there is now a new and easy way to grow your own rose garden!

Dig a six to 12 inch row in a partially shaded area and line the base with sand for moisture.

Next, get some rose stems from a bouquet. They are crucial as seed replacements.


Carefully pluck out all leaves and thorns from the lowest section of the stems.

Make a hole in each potato and push the rose stems into them.

Put them about six inches apart from each other and cover it well with soil.

Continue to do so until there are only a few inches of stem visible.

In a few weeks’ time, you will have beautiful roses in your own garden!

This method was so popular that word got around eventually.

Other people used the same method to grow their own roses, even using a mason jar.

These rose plants are growing rather well!

You do not have to waste money to buy roses now that you can grow your own.

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