Man Can’t Afford For His Dog’s Life Saving Surgery So He Does Something Drastic

Our pets are part of our families. We will do everything to keep them safe, protected, and healthy. We give them everything that they need – food, water, shelter, love, and care. This is why when they get sick we would immediately take them to a vet. Sometimes, it’s a simple injury or flu, but there are others who suffer more than just that.

Randy Etter had his dog Gemini since he was just a tiny pup. The two became best friends for the last two years.

Gemini is well trained and he can socialize with people. In fact, he loves playing with the baby of Etter’s girlfriend. She loves throwing her baby bottle all across the room and Gemini would fetch it for her. He is a playmate that every kid would wish to have.

One day, Gemini got very sick and nobody knew why. During an interview with The Dodo, Etter shared that Gemini started to slow down and he immediately thought that it was not the normal him. The dog was just lying beside him and has been following him everywhere he goes. He added, “I just felt like he was saying, ‘Help me.’”


Then Gemini started vomiting uncontrollably. This is when they decided to bring Gemini to the vet. They went to different doctors but nobody can tell what was wrong with Gemini. Etter was extremely worried that he will lose the dog because he was not getting any better.

He said, “I lost my job driving vet to vet to vet and it just seemed like I wasn’t gonna get anywhere or get him the help he needed in time,” he said. “It was truly one of the scariest things I had to deal with.”

Finally, Etter was able to find a vet who confirmed that something was blocking inside Gemini. It was a piece from the baby bottle that he probably ingested. This would require surgery to be removed. What shocked Etter is that this surgery alone is going to cost him $4, 500!

This is the kind of money that Etter doesn’t have. But he can’t just let his poor dog die. He had an idea – he decided to sell his car. The payment for the vehicle will be able to cover part of the payment for Gemini’s surgery. He said, “I was gonna spend every dollar made from the car sale on his surgery. I would be devastated if I lost my best friend.”

His friend was able to loan him $2,000 but it was not enough. His car wasn’t selling!

Then he received a call from a local charity who heard about his post online. They decided to step in to help Gemini. This is the Street Outreach Animal Response (S.O.A.R.) Initiative. The organization was able to raise around $3,000 for Gemini in donations.

In addition to that, other people started to reach out to help Etter and Gemini too. Eventually, Etter was able to pay full for Gemini’s surgery, thanks to these strangers who did not hesitate to lend a helping hand.

Luckily, Gemini made a full recovery after the surgery. Etter can’t thank enough all of the people who helped him and Gemini get through this hurdle in their lives.