Man Records Giant Spider Carrying A Mouse Up The Side Of His Fridge

There are a lot of things that to fear in this life however maybe the one that a bigger number of people fear that some other is spiders. The fear of creepy crawlies, known as arachnophobia, influences thousands, if not a large number of individuals.

A few people are so perplexed of spiders that they freeze up when they spot one from over the room. I have to agree, there is something about the eight legs moving as one that freaks me out also.

The fear of spiders has one dread that is greater, and that is possibly heights. In this article, in any case, we will trigger the fear of people who don’t like being around spiders.

Indeed, even people who might not have a genuine issue with spiders may very well be freaked out by what this man saw and recorded in his neighbor’s kitchen.


It began when Jason took a video of something he saw on the side of the refrigerator when he was visiting his neighbor’s home. Instead of simply hushing up about it, he chose to share it and individuals have not been the same since.

Jason had been leaving for work when his neighbor asked if he wanted to see something cool. It was a basic request yet Jason realized that he needed to go take a look.

Once Jason went into his neighbor’s home, he was frightened to see a spider carry a mouse up the side of the fridge.

This stuff isn’t made up.

In spite of the fact that it appeared to be unimaginable, Jason couldn’t deny what he was seeing directly before his face. The giant spider was hauling its prey up the side of the refrigerator.

The stiff mouse makes us believe that it might have been dead before the spider discovered it however it’s a crazy sight.

What might you do on the off chance that you spotted a spider hauling a mouse up the side of the refrigerator? You would most likely do the same as Jason and grab your cell phone to record a video.

The video was uploaded to Facebook and people have viewed it more than 23 million times. A number of people were deeply disturbed by what they saw. Some of the comments read:

“Oh, hell no.”

“For those afraid of mice and spiders, which one is worse?”

“This made my skin crawl.”

Jason added another post confirming the spider was not harmed in any way. In fact, they named him Hermie. He wrote: “We have adopted him, and he is now running his own extermination business out of our town Coppabella. Oh, he is also now paying rent.”

Experts have said the spider is a huntsman spider. They can be found in warm climates but enjoy wooded areas more than any other. Typically, a huntsman spider is only an inch long but the “giant huntsman” can be as large as the dinner plate.

Huntsman spiders do not use a web but they ambush their prey. After attacking their target, they kill it with their mouthparts and a strong venom. You can identify a huntsman easily but Christy Bills, collections manager at the Natural Museum of Utah helps us with the description:

“Huntsman spiders usually have legs that are splayed out to the sides, crablike. In fact, huntsman spiders are also referred to as giant crab spiders.”

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