Man Spots A Frozen Kitten On The Side Of The Road, But When He Nears Her…

It takes just one act of kindness to save a life. Out in the -1°F winter, a frozen ball of fur could be seen at the side of the road, appearing to be little more than a dirty clump.

No one stopped to investigate, except for this one man, who thought it might have been an animal. Sure enough, it was a tiny little kitten covered completely in ice.

She was so cold that she appeared to be completely frozen solid, but the man didn’t give up on her.

He lifted her up and brought her into his home, setting her near a radiator and a warm lamp and wrapping her up in a blanket.

It didn’t take long for the little cat to begin to move, and she was immediately friendly and playful once she had warmed up!

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The man then took her to a vet, and it turned out that she was only six months old.

Her tail suffered from frostbite and had to be amputated, but other than that, she was fine and had survived.

This cat is now named Nika and has a loving home of her own, and she’s doing better than ever!

Thank you to the hero who saved her!

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