One Of The Marines Who Was At The Battle Of Benghazi Just Filed A Lawsuit To Get The Truth Out

The Battle of Benghazi is one of the most controversial military operations in history. Because of all the partisan politics surrounding the event, it’s difficult for the average American to really know what happened. Benghazi hero John “Tig” Tiegen has filed a lawsuit in a “fight against malicious social media attacks about Benghazi terrorist event,” according to a press release from NVRDUL Management, who provides management services to celebrities.

Tiegen is the recipient of the Medal of Valor and Award for Heroism, as well as co-auther of 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi.

The press release explains that Tiegen has “filed suit against a Texas man who has tried to seek fame using malicious slander and defamation in social media.”

According to Tiegen, he is not standing for those who use social media to defame those who were there during the terror attack in Benghazi. He explained: “While certain people in the prior Administration have continued to be dismissive of the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, such discussions have not taken aim at the people who were actually there. But now, some people think they can seek fame by using social media to defame the men and women who were there, by spreading vicious lies and innuendo about what happened.”

He added, “I was there. I saw my friends die. We did our very best to protect the compound and saved dozens of lives in one of the most horrific fire-fights I’ve ever been in. With this lawsuit, I am taking a stand for what is right. We have a zero tolerance policy for fame seekers who act with malice about the truth.”

John Tiegen’s attorney, Bryce King, also weighed in on his client’s legal actions, explaining: “This lawsuit should send a strong message that posting lies about individuals on social media has consequences. Not only is posting lies defamation, but in this case, it’s also incredibly disrespectful to defame John Tiegen and any Veteran for their service to our country.”

Tiegen is further supported by NVRDUL Management, with the CEO, Carri Hyde, noting: “John Tiegen is a patriot who has been selfless in his service to this country. His devotion and ongoing support of veterans, directly and through his foundation, Beyond the Battlefield The Tiegen Foundation, has been unwavering. Harmful and malicious slander and defamation cannot be allowed against him, others like him or the basic patriotic American principles that he represents.”

Hyde added: “He should be applauded for what he and others like him have done and continue to do throughout their lives. Tig should not be maliciously and falsely hounded in social media for a fame seekers agenda. This lawsuit is an unprecedented public stance against these types of social media attacks. It is an honor to support him in this effort to demand that truth be the baseline for all.”

According to his bio, Tiegen was an active U.S. Marine Corps E5 Sergeant and Infantry Squad Leader, trained in advanced operational security (OPSEC) and readiness actions. He was special Security Protection contractor for Blackwater Security on over 40 missions and worked as part of the CIA’s Global Response Staff (GRS).

His story was told in the 2016 Michael Bay movie, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.