One Of The Women On The U.S. Soccer Team Stomped On The American Flag During Their Celebration

When Fox television won the right to broadcast the United States women’s national team’s victory over the Netherlands, it turned out to give the broadcast channel millions and millions of viewers. Compared to the 2015 edition, the entire Women’s World Cup tournament performed better for ratings compared to the 2015 edition, which was the last time the women battled it out for the victory.

While most Americans were cheering along with the players, there were a few eagle-eyed viewers who noticed something rather upsetting happening on the sidelines of the field.

While the sidelined players watch their teammates go head to head with the team from the Netherlands, there was an accident when an American flag was knocked to the field. While some of the players did not notice and were about to stomp all over it, one player – Kelley O’Hara – proved that she was a true patriot when she swooped in and SAVED the flag from the cleated feet of her teammates.

After the victory, which is the fourth time Team USA has won the women’s World Cup, Meghan Rapinoe, who recently proclaimed she would not take up President Trump’s invitation to visit the White House, Rapinoe, the team captain said: “It’s surreal. I don’t know how to feel. It’s ridiculous.”


Rapinoe was named the tournament’s most outstanding player.

Nevertheless, the flag-stomping clip features the short-haired team captain. Because the team captain was one of the people who were about to trample on the fallen flag, the clip sparked a lot of rage among conservative flag-loving viewers. There were so many people who found the footage upsetting that the clip made its way to Reddit where it was bombarded with comments.

“How could they be so trashy? I’m just speechless,” one person wrote. “Those fans had traveled to watch their country play, and you really stepped on the flag because of your s***y victim mentality. So ungrateful.”

“Seriously? Just throwing it on the ground like a rag? Too many entitled brats in that team who aren’t even slightly humbled or honored to represent their country. Zero class.”

Despite the fact that many people wish that sports games did not include political agendas, the modern world of sport is all too ripe with political protests and talking points.

“Any type of political standpoint expressed by the candidates at these sports events should be barred or highly discouraged. It’s not the time and place to create disputes or polarization. So unnecessary.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty trashy that they are acting as a representative of our country to the world and stomping on and disrespecting our country’s flag is trashy,” one critic wrote. “They are free to do it if they want, but I’m also free to criticize them vehemently for being trashy. Have some respect for your nation, the very one that you benefited from!”

According to Fox ratings, the women’s World Cup performed better than the men’s World Cup back in 2018. It seems that Americans care very much about soccer and are eager to be part of the world’s most popular sport.