Postal Worker Can’t Believe His Eyes When He Sees This Note Left On The Porch

During the summer months, people fantasize about clocking out of work so they can get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. And while some people get the chance to get outdoors, many have to stay at their desk and work until closing time. Unfortunately, this means that the majority of Americans don’t get out of work early enough to enjoy the sun and the warm weather.

Other Americans face a different struggle. For those who don’t work in an office but outdoors, they have to deal with the grueling heat in summer and push their bodies to the limit. As temperatures soar, so does the risk of heat stroke and exhaustion.

Postal workers stay outside no matter if the sun is blaring down on them or if they are getting covered with snow. But during the summer, some neighborhoods have been trying their best to keep postal workers hydrated by offering water and other beverages. Although the heat is up, people still need their mail, and the postal service is there to provide.


When a heat wave struck Oklahoma one summer like a hurricane, the residents of one community did not want to forget the hardworking postal workers. Residents of The Village put water coolers on their porches to provide cold drinks to mail carriers and delivery workers who are enduring the blistering heat.

Although the homeowners are providing just a few dozen bottles of water to the letter carriers, their simple act of kindness does wonder for their morale. It shows the workers that they are appreciated and have a community that cares about them.

You can watch the video report about these kind people below. Viewers like you shared the following comments.

“Don’t forget about the sanitation workers. I try to catch them and give them cold drinks as well. Also police officers!”

“My family and I in India offer cold water every time to anyone who visits our home. Cooking gas delivery men, postmen, electrical inspectors, carpenters, etc. Sometimes, if they had to stay for an extra long time, we offer them with tea or a fresh juice. More than it makes them comfortable, it makes us feel great to help others. Good to see more loving people.”

Are you dealing with the blistering heat this summer? Here are a few tips to survive a heat wave.

When a heat wave blankets your area in warmth, keep hydrated. This is the first step to protect yourself from heat stroke and other heat-related issues. But there is more you can do than just drink a lot of water. Also, you might want to avoid drinks that dehydrate you. These include caffeinated beverages like soda as well as alcoholic drinks. Stick to fresh water instead.

Go downstairs or into the basement to stay cool. Instead of being upstairs where heat rises, spend your days on the first floor.

You can also use box fans to circulate air instead of expensive air conditioners. Open your doors to get air flowing.

Are you prepared if a heat wave strikes your area this summer?