Soldier Reacts To Seeing His Newborn Daughter For The First Time

For couples about to become parents, the wait for their baby to be born is an exciting and nerve-wracking time.

Fathers want to be there for the birth of their little ones, and mothers try to relax as they await the miracle that they’re about to create.

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But not all dads can be there for the births of their children, especially those working hundreds or even thousands of miles away, serving the country.

First Lieutenant Jake Osborne, assigned in Afghanistan, thought he would be one of them, as his communication with his wife Chelsea Osborne back home was limited and his vacation days were few and far between.

He longed to be there with her as she experienced pregnancy on her own.

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The due date approached fast and Jake felt resigned to the fact that he would not be able to go back to see his little one’s birth.

Chelsea was understanding of the situation, and Jake took comfort in the fact that her family would be there with her.

She eventually went into labor with her family surrounding her, and Jake’s sister.

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But back at base, Jake’s commander suddenly told him to pack up and take leave around the time of the expected due date.

His commander arranged his flight and Jake knew he would be home in two days.

It was when he was waiting for his flight then that he received a message from his sister saying Chelsea was in labor.

She kept him updated as he anxiously awaited going home, and it was as close as it could be to him being right there with his wife.

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When Jake finally arrived, he walked through the door of Chelsea’s room in the hospital to see his healthy wife and healthy daughter.

The second he saw Chelsea holding their baby, he froze and found himself so moved by emotion he couldn’t speak.

Despite his very brief vacation, Jake was thrilled to be able to see and hold his baby girl and see his amazing wife again.

Watch the video to see this story unfold!

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