Someone Is Placing Flyers On Cars That Are Poisoned

A shocking story of a sergeant with Harris County Sheriff’s Officers, who got infected after getting into contact with a flyer has hit the headlines. The papers she touched are said to have been contaminated with Fentanyl.

Fentanyl is an opioid usually used as pain medication and which is functional together with anesthesia medication. The opiate is illegal, and many people use it for recreation when mixed with cocaine or heroin. It also has rapid effects, and its impacts manifest in less than two hours. On its own, Fentanyl is highly poisonous.

The news read that the flyers had been on the window of a police car. It was 2. 00pm, and allegedly an anti-government conspiracy group had placed them there.

The conspiracy group is said to be protesting the claims that government agencies, the FBI and CIA, experimentally use microwaves in torturing individuals, and that the government is aiming at controlling the entire population globally, using this technique. The contaminated flyers seemed to have been their defying act.


Sheriff Ed Gonzalez had been with the victim. As she was talking to the Houston television station, she recounted that her colleague had picked up the contaminated flyer and did not think much about it. She continued saying that later on, as she was driving, she began feeling somewhat lightheaded and also noticed some other symptoms

Those nearby rushed her to the hospital where she is under treatment. The flyers were also taken to the labs and got tested, and the results came back that they contained Fentanyl. Getting to the hospital fast was a significant step, and it has given the doctors easy time treating the officer. Had she wasted some more time before going to the hospital then she would have gotten severe complications, and the treatment procedure would have been more difficult.

The police have still not made any arrest since no one had seen who had left them there. However, after some investigation, the officers found a PDF file available for download on the website of the suspected conspiracy group.

The Harris authorities issued a warning to the worried residents. They advised them to be cautious and also discouraged them against touching any flyers that they may come across without knowing where they are from until they handled the situation.

According to many news outlets and other social media platforms, the website has many other contents insinuating intent for conspiracy. An example is a file from Ted Gunderson, a late agent who had worked for some time with FBI. Word spread that after he retired, the officer took to creating conspiracy theories and promoting them, especially on social media.

At one point he even accused the CIA and FBI of being the reason why there were so many cases of terrorism.

This news was indeed shocking especially to the residents of Harris. What if a child had taken the flyers and did not tell what had happened until it was too late. The police are therefore continuing with their investigation, which is in many ways leading to the conspiracy group.

The evidence against them, however, is not substantial enough, but hopefully, they will find the criminal and someone will be held responsible for such irresponsible and insensitive actions.