Squirrel Taps Window Every Day — 8 Years On, The Family Realises What She’s Desperate To Show Them

When Brantly Harrison and her family helped nurse a little squirrel baby back to health after it was fiercely attacked by an owl, they didn’t expect that they would form a lifelong bond with her!

The little squirrel was only 4 weeks old when the Harrisons found her in 2009 near their South Carolina home. They named her Bella, kept her fed and safe, and eventually released her when she had healed in 2010 when spring came around.

Being a wild critter, they assumed they’d never see her again – but that guess was completely wrong!

For eight years, Bella would regularly pop up near the Harrison family home. She’d hop onto a window, peering in and waiting for someone to spot her.


She’d sit by the front door or peek through the dining room window until a member of the family noticed her.

It was like she considered them her family, and was so comfortable around them that when they sat out in the garden, she would come to hang out!

Then, one day, Bella visited again, sporting an injured foot. She knew that this family would help take care of her, and they did. But just as the antibiotics began to work and Bella recovered, the family took a look inside the cage they used for her rehabilitation and saw a shocking sight!
Inside the cage were three little baby squirrels! Bella had given birth while in their care, and she’d shared this milestone in her life with them.

She knew that the Harrison family would watch over her children, just as they did for her until they were ready to leave the nest.

What a beautiful, touching tale of animal friendship that proves love and kindness truly knows no bounds.