The Parents Who Tortured Their Kids Find Out Their Fate

Not all parents are perfect. And while some parents strive to be good to their children, one New Mexico woman and her husband could have cared less about doing right by their kids. Instead, the husband and wife duo have been arrested and charged with beating and torturing some of her children – and even went so far as to kill pets in front of the little ones to horrify and terrify them.

New Mexico authorities have revealed that the woman forcibly beat and tortured her kids and subjected them to watch as the mother brutally killed the family pets. The woman and her husband are now in custody thanks to a child abuse probe that discovered the horrible things she was doing inside her home.

CYFD investigator Deanna Taylor spoke to the Associated Press about what this woman was up to and confirmed that the couple had fled other states including Missouri, Alaska, Kansas, and Montana where they faced similar charges of violence and cruelty.

By this point, you want to know who these violent people are. They are Martha Crouch and her husband, Timothy. And the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department was the group of investigators who helped bring these killers and torturers to justice.


The New Mexico CYFD filed a complaint about child abuse that helped the probe get in deep until the couple found themselves locked in jail with handcuffs around their wrists.

According To KOB-TV, the child abuse probe was initially started when it was found that the couple was not allowing some of the children to receive a proper education. That worried the investigators who decided it was high time to dive in deeper and see what was going on.

The couple had jumped from state to state to avoid the law after similar investigations into the treatment of their family were launched.

The situation got heated after the couple’s eldest child, 31-year-old Timothy Crouch Jr. was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon back on May 30. The San Juan County Sheriff’s Deputies were alarmed at the state of the family because Martha and Tim had fifteen children between them in varying ages. Some, like Timothy Jr., were adults, while others were needy children.

Timothy Jr. was accused of pointing his gun at three of his younger brothers and threatening to kill them after they got into a fight over food. Apparently, the fight started over hot dogs.

Official reports indicate that a young girl said that Martha “took the puppies and put them into a giant pot and boiled them, making all the kids watch.” That same daughter told investigators that Martha fed a kitten poison. Authorities also found the body of a dog buried in a shallow grave after it had been shot to death as a way to punish the children.

A boy claimed he was “beaten, shot, stabbed, and run over by his parents and even had b-b’s still inside his arm.” One of the girls was locked to a “fat chain” that prevented her from eating so she could lose weight.