They Stood In Formation, But As Soon As They Moved Their Feet The Crowd Went Wild

Figure skating has been one of the most popular Winter Olympic sports ever since it was first added to the games back in 1924. It has been home to so many iconic moments throughout history, including Nancy Kerrigan’s silver medal, earned shortly after she was attacked in a bizarre incident involving fellow skater Tonya Harding. The story has now been immortalized as the controversial film I, Tonya, but it is just one of many iconic moments.

It is a beautiful art, a masterful display of body control, timing and creativity. Only the best make it to the top of this profession, and even they struggle and fall their fair share of times. It takes years of practice to land even some of the less complicated of moves.

While individual skating is impressive on it’s own, skating with another person adds an entire new level of complexity to the matter. Skating duos have been a big part of the sport for many years, as two people skate together in beautiful harmony to a soundtrack that compliments their complex motions perfectly.

Even the best duo skaters probably can’t imagine skating with more than two people on the ice, as it adds to the possibility of someone messing up exponentially. Synchronized skating is only undertaken by those who have a massive amount of skill and confidence.

The performance you’ll find below is from the 2015 World Synchronized Skating Championships. The event took place in Hamilton, Canada and featured the best of the best in synchronized skating from a multitude of countries.

8-20 skaters go out for each team, and the entire team moves as one movement, one heartbeat. They need to be perfectly in time with each other, otherwise disaster could occur.

Team Canada’s performance ended up taking the cake, winning top prize. You can see exactly why they did so well below – it’s an absolutely mind-blowing routine filled with dramatic moments and impeccable harmony.

It wasn’t set to soft, slow music though, but instead an exciting rock n’ roll soundtrack. The crowd went nuts, instantly falling in love with the team of skaters that continued to blow their minds for almost seven straight minutes.

The team scored a 71.06, netting them the win in dramatic fashion. The crowd went wild once more, clapping and celebrating for this talented group of young Canadian skaters.

“Great skating.. I just wish the crowd would have shut up for a while. All that screaming ruined the effect,” commented elsa55 on Youtube. “Scream support before and after, not during.”

Many other commenters agreed, but it was still a mind-blowing performance that you won’t forget any time soon. While it was a few years back now, the performance stands for itself.

With the Winter Olympics just having past, figure skating won’t be competed on the biggest stage for another 4 years. But if you are a fan of figure skating, there are plenty of events across the world to find online.

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