Women Are Ending Up Hospitalized Trying To Use Vacuums To End Their Periods Early

The menstrual period is the dreaded time of the month for most women. Having to deal with the menstrual cramps and the uneasiness is not fun. Lucky are those who have at least three days of suffering, but for those who have it for longer periods, they wish they could end it sooner.

A nurse took it to Twitter to warn women about the dangers of ‘menstrual extraction’ after two women ended up in the hospital after they attempted the procedure using vacuum cleaners!

The nurse (@OdesseyT99) posted:

Ladies… Please stop using your vacuum hose to end your period early. You’re gonna wind up sucking out a lot more than blood! There were two cases of this so far this week and both women had to be admitted. Just… STOP!


This ‘trend’ started when an article caught the attention of many women. This talked about “menstrual extraction.” It is believed to be a method that was developed by feminist activist’s way back in the 70s. Women do this not only to pass their menstrual cycle all at once but this can be done at home. According to the article, this is also the method used for DIY abortions.

Sure there are both natural and medical ways to control heavy periods but there are women who try DIY solutions. However, they end up doing dangerous remedies at home just to end their periods early. On this viral tweet, the nurse warned women about the danger of using vacuum cleaners to ‘suck out all the blood’ during their period.

Her post went viral and it gained more than 5,000 likes and retweeted over 2,400 times!

A lot of women from all over the world were shocked about what these two women attempted to do. A Tweeter user who goes by the name BougieVyntage asked, “I’m sorry, what. Why would anyone even think to do such a thing. ” Another Twitter user wrote, “I wanna know where they got the idea.

Just hanging around with friends and then, oh. Let me stick this vacuum cleaner up my hooch and suck all my period away.

All it’s gonna do is give people an idea on how to abort… And with the way of the world with women’s rights…”

The process is very dangerous and it can result in permanent damage. What began as a “Del-Em” procedure where a thin tube was originally used to extract the menstrual flow into a container, now evolved into using a vacuum cleaner to perform the same practice. It sounds like a bad idea but many women claim that this works for them.

Health. com contacted a clinical associate professor from Stanford School of Medicine, Sophia Yen, MD, who also confirmed that this DIY menstrual extraction is an extremely dangerous procedure. She explained that it is not safe because the body would want to shed it off the safe way. And by doing the procedure, it is like ripping off a scab.

It is not a natural and safe process. As a result, you might make yourself bleed more as your body is trying to heal.