We Found A Trash Bag In The Middle Of The Woods. Our Hearts Sank When It Started To Move

A couple who were camping in the woods near Denver, Colorado made a very sad discovery when they stumbled upon a plastic bag that had been dumped in the forest. Now police are involved in finding who left the bag there — as it was filled with nine newborn puppies, just hours old, who were left to die.

Deputies were called to the scene after the campers found the puppies in an open plastic trash bag. Sadly, two of the puppies were already dead when the bag was found, with veterinarians saying the whole litter would have died had they not been discovered.

The Sheriff’s Animal Control deputies rushed the puppies to the Divide Creek Animal Hospital for care and the newborn dogs were put in warm towels and placed under a surgical lamp in an attempt to boost their body temperatures. They were also bottle-fed formula every two hours.


While it was hoped the story would have a happier ending, unfortunately, only two of the puppies from the litter survived.

In the state of Colorado, the abandonment of an animal is a Class 1 Misdemeanor and carries a minimum fine of $500 and up to six months of jail time. Police say that the charges could be made for each of the nine puppies, with the fine reaching $4,500 or more.

If the two puppies survive, they will be placed in foster care and be available for adoption later.

Among the comments left on the Daily Mail‘s coverage of this sad story was one person who remarked: “Have to think about the poor mother dog, distressed and full of milk for the pups. She is probably having a bad life if the cruel owners can do this, so sad.”

Another commenter noted: “This is horrific! Why don’t people get their animals spayed/neutered? How can they dump babies like this? These are the kind of people who would kill their own children. Praying for the remaining pups!”

One Denver resident was particularly overwhelmed by this cruelty, writing: “This is so sad. I have lived in the Denver area for 25 years and it was once a fine city. In the past 5 years or so, it has become overgrown, with horrific traffic and people that pull stunts like this.”

Others talked about the necessity to get animals spayed or neutered, with one commenter noting: “Too cheap and irresponsible to spay or neuter their adult dogs and here is the sad result. Most communities offer FREE or low cost spay and neuter programs but people are LAZY or have misconceptions about how it’s going to ‘rob their dog’s manhood’ so they refuse to get it done.”

Another commenter agreed, noting, “No reason in the world not to fix your dogs and cats… You can find low cost spay, neuter and even free (I have paid over the years to have some dogs fixed because their owners were irresponsible). There is the local animal control, shelters, aspca, local humane society. There are even organizations who do nothing but raise money for spay/neuter and have set up a partnership with local vets.”