When My Husband Ordered Pickle Pizza I Thought He Was Crazy. Then I Took A Bite

While there are some pizza purists out there who will never deviate from the standard toppings, there are other culinary daredevils who are all in on trying new flavor profiles. This latest pizza craze isn’t for the faint of heart, however, as it goes well beyond the Hawaiian pizza toppings of pineapple and ham, venturing into new, daring territory.

An unlikely topping has found its way to the tried and true pizza, sauce, and cheese combination — pickles.

It’s easy to say that’s one addition that most people never would have considered. How can something with a tangy bite work as a pizza topping?


It’s definitely not for everyone, but some people are willing to give this interesting idea a try.
The weird concoction, known as a Dill Pickle Pizza, was conceived by Rhino’s Pizzeria and Deli in Webster, NY. It includes, of course, pickle slices and a sprinkle of dill weed atop a pizza crust, with white garlic sauce, and mozzarella cheese. For extra flavor, there’s a ranch dressing dip to dunk your slice into or drizzle on top.

Anyone interested in this pickle pizza can get it in regular, thin, or thick crust options, with a small pizza costing $12 and a large priced at $19.

Food Insider posted a YouTube video of the pizza creation, asking, “Would you try a pizza covered in pickles?”

According to the video, the restaurant sells around 30 pickle pizzas per day and use 10 gallons of pickles weekly to make the pizzas. The idea was born when one of the employees went to a pickle festival and felt inspired.

Chef Cindy Arena noted: “People have been coming from all over — Buffalo, Syracuse, Pennsylvania.” It’s also popular with pregnant women, she noted.

You can bet there were some strong opinions on the matter of including pickles on pizza, with comments including: “I thought pineapple on pizza was bad, this is just… so wrong,” “pickles should NOT be on Pizza. THIS IS A CRIME,” and “I love pickles. But they don’t belong on pizza.”

Others were mildly outraged about the food creation, as one commenter noted: “Who puts pickles on a pizza?! Pickles belong on sandwiches, not on pizza! Get rid of this trash and put some pineapple on it, at least that belongs on a pizza!”

Still others, however, thought it sounded pretty interesting, with notes such as: “Yes, the sweet and salty combo of the pickles and cheese, yummy” and “Pizza and pickles are the bomb, I tried it once and it was really good.”


Some people were totally down with the new spin on an old favorite, as one person excitedly commented: “Omg YAAS PIZZA WITH PICKLES IS THIS A DREAM?!” and another person shared: “I am pregnant and I need some now! I love pickles and I love pizza. This is a dream come true.”

Among the many comments left on the restaurant’s Facebook page was one person who said, “You’d be a fool not to try it! I can’t wait to come back” and another person who went the extra mile to grab a pickle pizza, noting, “Drove five hours to try it!!”