When The Doctor Saw This Baby’s Birth Certificate He Said It Was “1 in 33,000”

Working at the maternity ward in the hospital is exciting. You get to see all the little babies who share the same birthday. It’s rare for a child to have the same birthdate as their mom or dad, but consider how unlikely it is to share a birthday with your parent and a great-grandparent too? Turns out, there’s a 1 in 33,000 chance that will happen, but baby Beauden not only has the same birthday as his dad but also of his great-grandfather! How cool.

And little Beauden arrived much earlier than his due date too… presumably so he could share the special date! Beauden’s mom, Jordyn Eppard, was rushed to the hospital when the baby decided to arrive early, requiring an emergency C-section. Beauden Matthew James Eppard was born weighing eight pounds, 11 ounces, a healthy little guy. But then they realized that Beauden not only has the same birthday as his father, Connor James Eppard, but also shares the date with his grandfather before him, James Elmer Morrisette.

How unlikely is this occurrence? The odds that Beauden would have the same birthday as both his father and great-grandfather are 33,374 to 1. Beauden was born 17 days early to snag that magical date he now shares with dad and great grandpa, July 1.


Connor explained to the Today show: “When we found out last fall that we were going to have a little baby, it just happened that the due date was close,” adding, “We kind of joked about having all three of us on the first, but didn’t really take it seriously.”

Jordyn explained that his early birth worried her, noting: “I did not want him to come on the first at all, because it was 17 days early. That can sometimes cause problems.” She added, “For me, I just wanted him to be healthy more than anything.”

When he was born, Connor explained the phone call to his grandfather to share the exciting news, telling Today that he said: “Hey grandpa, you might want to sit down for a second.”

While the couple originally planned to name the baby “Beauden Matthew,” they added “James” to honor the great-grandfather. Connor noted: “Grandpa is the prototype gentle, old man, I hope someday I can be like that. He’s a great guy, truly a role model.”

Given that three people now share the same birthday, the family will add little Beauden to their annual joint party on July 1.

Many people weighed in on the story on social media to share their familial shared birthdates, with comments such as: “Myself and my youngest share the same birthday! Almost the exact same time. Off by a couple of minutes” and “My grandmother and grandfather were born on the same day. Eighty years later my son arrived on their birthday, then 12 years later my first grandson was born on the same day as well.”

One commenter shared this interesting scenario: “My Uncle and I were born on the same day of the same year… Mom and Grandma shared the same hospital room and Dr… and didn’t even get a family discount!”

Another commenter shared a bunch of birthday connections in their family, writing: “My son shares a birthday with my mom. My daughter shares a birthday with my sister-in-law. My other daughter shares her birthday with my uncle. I share my birthday with my uncle.”