Woman Bites Officer During Arrest, Then Her Blood Test Comes Back

When Dayton Smith came in close proximity to a cop, she did something that could not be undone. Because Smith was knowingly infected with the HIV virus, she decided to bite down on the cop’s flesh, breaking through it and then mixing her own bodily fluids with it. The incident occurred during a routine traffic stop when police officers in Memphis, Tennessee pulled Smith over because she was driving with expired tags.

During the traffic stop, police smelled a strong odor of marijuana smoke coming from her vehicle. Before they even started searching the car, they checked her license and other driver information. They found that she had a suspended license and no insurance on her vehicle.

Because of the marijuana smell, police felt they had probable cause to do a search of the vehicle. According to the police report, the search was very fruitful. They not only found marijuana stashed inside the vehicle, but they also found a store of crack cocaine. Police even found 0.2 grams of powder cocaine stored inside a rolled-up dollar bill.

Because the police officers were searching for her vehicle and did not want her intervening, she had been removed from her car and put in the back of the cruiser. As the police searched every inch of her vehicle, she banged on the window and urged them to let her out. She claimed that she had to use the bathroom, and if they didn’t let her do it, she was going to explode all over the back of the cruiser.


An officer approached and opened the door, to tell her to be patient. At this opportunity, Smith pushed past the officer and allegedly tried to flee the scene. However, police officers eventually caught up with her and held her down. But she still had a lot of fight left in her. She had not given up yet.

While police officers pinned her down, Smith kicked and punched and spat at them. At one point she tried to stab them with her car keys.

During the confrontation, Smith bit an officer so hard that he began to bleed profusely.

At this point, Smith, who had been beaten very badly by the cops, was rushed to the hospital along with the bitten officer. After she was in the hospital, she told police that she had the HIV virus, which can be deadly if not treated.

Police officers are claiming that she used the virus as a weapon against the officer. However, this virus must be spread through either sexual contact or through the blood. If neither occurred, then the virus would not have been deadly because it would not have been exchanged between bodies.

At this time, the bitten officer has contracted no virus, which is extremely fortunate.

In the process, Dayton Smith was charged with criminal exposure to HIV, two counts of aggravated assault, and several drug possession charges along with other crimes. The list is very long.

What do you think about this woman’s attempt to transfer the HIV virus to a police officer?