Woman Calls Plumber, When She Looks Outside Captures Moment Which Is The Talk Of The Internet.

We always aim to go above and beyond in our jobs, but we never expect that will mean having to dunk our head into a giant puddle of water. But that’s exactly what Jimmie Cox had to do when one of his client’s pipes burst in epic fashion.

Andrea Adams’ water line burst on her driveway and so she called out for a utility worker to fix the issue. Jimmie, who works for the Acton Municipal Utility District, arrived at Andrea’s house and set about trying to fix the leak. But the leak turned out to be much bigger than he initially thought.

With a flood growing in the front yard, Jimmie Cox knew that he didn’t have much time before the problem became disastrous so he made a big decision; to throw himself head first into the muddy puddle. Poor Cox had only taken the job to pick up a few extra hours of overtime, but he’d ended up taking on a much larger task!


Cox was in so deep that his legs were poking out while his whole upper body was submerged under muddy water. Finding the scene totally unbelievable, Adams grabbed her camera and took a snap of the scene, which she uploaded onto social media. Needless to say, the picture quickly grabbed people’s attention and spread in popularity.

The post spread so wildly that Adams had to shut down her social media profiles due to the high levels of attention. It seems everyone was amazed by the photo, including THE Erin Brockovich and the ‘Dirty Jobs’ man himself, Mike Rowe, who both commended Cox for going above and beyond his duty.

Cox insists that anyone else in his line of work would have done the same thing, but I’m pretty sure that Cox is one in a million because not many of us would willingly stick our heads in a puddle for our jobs. What a top guy!

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